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      • YEAR: 2019

      Baxter Cinema turns into a Music Club at this year’s edition of the Milan Design Week – Salone del Mobile. Five nights dedicated to jazz music, starring five different bands, will recreate the atmosphere of typical jazz clubs all over the world, from New York to Shanghai, from Berlin to London. The nights will also feature exclusive cocktails specifically created for the Baxter Bar.  

      From the musical genre and setting to the hospitality, every single detail talks about the Baxter world from an unusual point of view. “What is Jazz? If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Louis Armstrong’s words witness all the shades of this style, originated from the union of musical elements from all around the world, Europe and Africa, and then developed in the United States. The heterogeneity encouraged by the spontaneous improvisation that defines this very style is what makes it so special. Nothing better than Jazz, that turned into a refined art form thanks to Jazz clubs, can represent our project’s attitude. We are fond of contamination, eclecticism and the mixture of different styles, that give life to a new and unique interpretation of interior. 

      Furthermore, the set-up, inspired by International clubs, is the aftermath of a gathering process of different visions brought together in our personal way of interpreting spaces. 

      Vintage-inspired leather armchairs, soft leather sofas, new collection objects, geometrical lamps and soft lights can be found among wide convivial spaces, familiar corners and minor stages placed on both sides that create an incredible design set.

       As for the Baxter Bar, also the Cinema Music Club puts hospitality before anything else. The cocktail list strengthens the connection with the local land using the fresh excellence of Made in Italy only. The menu includes pure blends, with no scenic toppings. We tried to respect the products as much as we could, chasing the impossible perfection of balance among flavours. Take your time to slowly taste our blends; we hope you can seize all their shades, sip after sip. 

      The perfect set-up guides the guests through a unique experience, thanks to the notes of both the music and the cocktails, welcoming them into the world of the Baxter Cinema Music Club. 

      Welcome to the Club. 


      Evenings schedule:

      APRIL 10: Joyce Yuille Quartet

      APRIL 11: Sherrita Duran Quintet

      APRIL 12: Swing & More Quartet

      APRIL 13: Soul Project Quartet


      Baxter Cinema Music Club 

      Wednesday, April 10 / Saturday, April 13 - 8:00 pm / 12:00 am 

      Via Largo Augusto 1, Milano