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      • YEAR: 2015

      November, 12th 2015.

      When a cinema becomes a store. When Baxter Cinema opens in Largo Augusto. The new Baxter store location is not random at all: the project is born with the aim of giving a new life to the former-cinema President, cherished by the people of Milan as a symbol of elegance as well as of History itself. Today, the President has turned into an active, fresh and dynamic store that, although reaching to the future, safeguards and values the past: as a matter of fact, the original spaces have been both restored and preserved, with the intent of keeping the original raw structure, that is indeed still visible in some of its parts.
      The building is structured over two floors. The ground floor hosts the new Baxter Shop windows, where Baxter furniture plays the main role: symbol of a certain art de vivre, it is carried out with rich materials and fine manufacturing. The windows reflect also another branded-Baxter space: the club bar. Cosy and elegant, it’s the perfect spot where to relax, enjoy a drink and let the mind wander into the discovery of the preciousness of Italian raw materials. This is a floor to live with passion and curiosity. And to overstep in order to reach the true focal point of the project.
      Climb down the majestic staircase and reach the basement heart of the building. Here, beams of light filter through some cuts made inside the structure itself, creating a truly fascinating and theatrical atmosphere that gets along with the maintenance of the original projection area of the cinema. It’s on this stage that the upcoming events will take place. Moving among the different areas that give rhythm to the space, it’s easy to discover the many collaborations made with various sectors’ excellences. Some corners have been covered with a hand-painted wallpaper, made exclusively for Baxter; others welcome a small, yet sought-after bookshops; others show the collaboration with Adeum Cinema Suite. Every corner is controlled by a domotic system that handles all components and functions of the space.

      A cinema becomes a store, a store becomes a stage to be discovered and lived in all its aspects: from the furnishing to the big screen, from the book pages till the cocktail blends. Not just a simple products exhibition, but rather a space that becomes recognizable, cosy and familiar.