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      MOOD BOOK 2019

      • YEAR: 2019

      The 2019 trends according to Baxter are within the Moodbook Research Notebook, not a simple catalog, but a precious object of desire.


      It is a precious book with a brass cover, the new Baxter Moodbook, now in its fifth edition. It is not just a Research Notebook, but an object of desire: inspiration tables framed like paintings inside cardboard pages, alternating with thin and delicate coated sheets, that bring mood-boards to life through elegant scenographies.

      Baxter does not entrust the communication of its innovations to digital or even to institutional catalogs. Instead, it chooses to transmit its DNA through a luxurious photographic book inside which, a succession of rooms, tells different stories. Storytelling is the secret of communication.

      The company's research focuses not on the product itself but on the lifestyle as a mix of furniture, colors, materials, finishes and its staging is built this year on the background of an interior inspired by the architecture of Carlo Scarpa and to his experiments on the decomposition of the box and on the poetics of concrete. As a tribute to this master of architecture, the rooms are defined by exposed concrete blocks and characterized by a clean and linear geometric structure. The wings evoke a sensation of materiality that, like a narrative voice, speaks to the reader of new lifestyles, represented by the compositions of furniture that emerge from the background.

      The dossier opens with a quote by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer: "As far as I'm concerned, the starting point is the tension towards beauty, towards art, so that the surprise, the wonder, the unexpected, as Baudelaire said, are also part of the architectural work "(Oscar Niemeyer, from The world is unjust, Milan, 2012).

      The interpretation of the unexpected is translated for Baxter, in the exploration of new boundaries of the mix and match, where leather, metals and stones mix, collide, contrasting shapes, lines and soft and irregular textures with precise, hard, clean geometries .

      Browsing through the mood boards we discover the new color palette of the leather ranging from warm earth tones to sky cold ones, almost always flanked by geometric designs with more or less thick or close lines. Sometimes heaven, earth and geometry meet in a single composition. Caressing the samples, the textures that go from the smoothest to the roughest ones, from even to irregular, from soft to hard, give different sensations.

      Natural leather pieces are associated with new materials, ancient stones and marbles of extraordinary chromatic strength that combined with shiny metals create striking contrasts.

      The concrete boxes enhance or soften the atmospheres of the rooms furnished in Baxter style, refined environments with a Neo-Moorish taste represented by still life specifically designed to give different experiences of domestic life: from the formal living room, to the eclectic living area, to the bedroom as place for personal care.