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      • YEAR: 2018

      On the occasion of the 2018 IMM Fair in Cologne, Baxter presents a reinterpretation of the latest items and research moods.

      The new items displayed by the 2017 Furniture Fair in Milan are therefore re-proposed, creating various, complete and enchanting spaces, each of them giving back different emotions.

      The structure is very neat and linear, carried out with materials such as cement, which evokes a sensation of materiality. This structure characterizes the architecture of the space, creating a sort of frame that holds some big brass windows, through which you can see the interior from the outside.

      In the first big room, both furniture and finishes present colour shades ranging from pale pink to pearl grey, in contrast to dark brown and mossy green.

      It’s just in this room that the new Bardot sofa is presented; its lines draw inspiration from the design of the ‘70s, reinterpreted in an undoubtedly more present version.

      The Libelle bookcase, instead, serves here as a room divider with the dining area, where the new Matera table, made with Palladiana stone, becomes its main character.

      In the area dedicated to the bedroom, instead, colours range from pink to cognac and anthracite grey. This is the space displaying the Viktor collection, where the distinguishing traits of the modular sofa come up again and characterize the new bed as well.

      Moreover there’s a big velvet curtain that gives the space a homely atmosphere and hides the access to a small room that becomes a sort of studio. Here the precious writing desk in the middle dominates the room itself and leathers are simple and elegant, with their nuances giving a vision which is closer to a male one.

      The other big living area, rough and matter-oriented, presents a space which is far deeper and thicker in colour; brown shades are here put together with aquamarine colour notes that characterize the small tables. These ones live together with the Puzzle rug, whose pattern is partly carried out through a silk yarn, drawn from Indian women’s sari.

      The fitting-out is completed by a privé area, accessible through a series of revolving booths; these ones are characterized by a print that reminds trees’ outline. Furniture’s leather nuances live here together with brass and with the awesome Patagonia marble of the two Lagos tables.