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      • YEAR: 2022

      This year's restyling of the Baxter Cinema follows the new guidelines for the Baxter Shops worldwide. With the main aim of offering a new type of experience, inside, the space has been redesigned and new material libraries have been created in the work areas, thus improving the offer dedicated to all those connected to the Baxter world.  

      Alongside the new work areas, the main space is structured and organised like an art gallery to create a path divided by partitions. This is the direction Baxter has been taking in recent years. The lighter and brighter colour scheme is also new and completely different from the previous version.  

      In this setting, the new 2022 collection on display at the Baxter Cinema features Paola Navone's Miami Soft, together with Baxter's best sellers, presented in new colours and materials. These include Budapest Soft, Chester Moon and Viktor, accompanied by the new accessories.  

      The new products presented include a series of unique pieces placed inside the niches and the Lagos table, with top made of special stone. All are unique products that will only be available in this showroom.  

      The visitor is welcomed by the new Baxter Cinema shop window: designed to create a strong, dramatic impact, with very high walls depicting the new tribal look graphics and housing the new Nuvola lamps by Draga & Aurel.

      The Bar has also been subject to a full restyling, with the Clara sofa by Christophe Delcourt as its centrepiece. Graphically speaking, it echoes the colours and layout of the adjoining shop window.

      The underlying thread of this new concept reflects the evolution of the Baxter Cinema and the service that Baxter offers its customers. A dedicated reception, a visit to the 'gallery', the possibility of using the work spaces: the Baxter philosophy becomes Experience.


      Baxter Cinema

      Largo Augusto, 1 Milan



      Ph. Fabrizio Cicconi