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      • YEAR: 2022

      On the threshold

      Enter the spaces that we feel ours. Live them. Then go outside. And find them again. Discover the fluid continuity between indoor and outdoor furnishings: move from one to the other without ever ceasing to really live. Wherever in the world there is Baxter.


      Red earth, the green of a palm tree, the profile of the sea in the distance. Stones, lime, concrete. An architecture that welcomes light and air. Having quiet as your home.

      Dining room with a view: a table and its bookcase in the cool interior. And on the leather sofa, in the center of the living room, you are immersed in a bath of light. The large open windows let in the scent of myrtle and rosemary, a gust of dry air, the call of cicadas.

      In the dehors as in the living room. Under your feet the delicacy of a carpet, the brackish air of the day, the cool one of the evening. Lose the sense of time on a wooden bed. Dine under the moonlight while the lamps, from inside, delicately illuminate the veranda. Fall asleep looking at the lights on the sea, clutching a pillow.


      The vertical city. The skyscrapers that project upwards like flakes of glass. Neon lettering, background voices. The world suspended above the running life. Spend the hours listening to the great metropolis.

      Bedroom on the fifty-second floor. Stay under the covers, your back against the headboard. Outside the windows, lights and shadows chase each other between the silhouettes of the buildings. Get up, walk to the studio. The day's program waits above the desk. Ignore it and take another minute to welcome the first rays of sunshine on the veranda.

      End of the day on the terrace. The echo of the cars rises from the street while the city becomes a constellation of lights. The glasses of cocktails scattered on the tables, we talk abandoned on the armchairs. From inside comes laughter and lounge music. The skyline at sunset looks like a Chinese shadow theater.


      A path of smooth and dark stones between ferns and bamboo plants. A door open to the large open space. The forest, outside, speaks with its rustles. Inside, soft lights are placed on a bookcase. Build your own idea of ​​"far away".

      Oxygen. The space expands with each breath. Nature fills the eyes and thoughts. It is in the green of a vegetal wall, in the reflections of copper and bronze. The slow gestures: placing a book on a chair, walking barefoot towards the garden.

      Dive into the pool, re-emerge, observe everything from here. A notebook rests on a terracotta shelf, there is a scent of tropical fruit. Dry yourself on a hand-spun carpet, restore yourself on a bench with a shiny and flat surface like the surface of water. Forgetting that somewhere over there beyond the trees there are still signs of civilization.