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      • YEAR: 2018

      Located on a tip of the island which remains raw and pure, the Wild Hotel overlooks a tiny beach with a quiet and picturesque port that highlights the nature of Mykonos island. Simple, raw, beautiful and wild.

      These are also the characteristics of Baxter furnishings that give life to some of the rooms. Items belonging to the Open-Air collection designed by Paola Navone, where leathers, soft and welcoming but of a great character at the same time, are matched with materials such as copper and Manila cane. Soft, natural leathers, enveloping just like fabric, worked to stay outdoors and to give that cuddly feeling. For sleeping, relaxing, regaining energy, reading, meditating, dreaming... feeling at home.

      Blue and all the nuances of the earth's colours: these are the colours of the furnishings; shades that recall the colours of the island’s nature.

      The secret of a memorable relax lies for sure in the attention to details - and not just those of the furnishings. The coatings and finishes are carried out through craft processes and the materials chosen, always of high quality, respect the naturalness of the raw material. The view from the windows is simply breath-taking. A real design masterpiece.

      The spirit of this resort embodies a fusion between traditional essence and the new aura of Mykonos island. And that’s exactly what Wild is. Luxury blended with authenticity, professionalism combined with friendliness, style mingled with essence. The wild hotel is for eclectic travellers. A true Cycladic experience.


      George Kordakis