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      Talking about oneself in everyday life and concentrating one's creative vision in a project starting from the idea of ​​Home and its broadest possible definition: a house as a building that protects us and, by living in it, we learn to decorate; home as a place of affection, meditation, rest and play; and then, home as an entity that is alive and vital in its own way, with a personality that we have imprinted on it and that knows how to call us back to itself when, during the day, we leave it. Baxter Lago, overlooking the gentle hilly profile watching Lake Como, is all of this.

      Perfect setting to describe yourself to your guests after a walk through the Gothic and Renaissance architectures that define the character of the town and give it that enchanting variety of Italy fabled by novelists and poets, in this residence of the early twentieth century, time has stopped. A careful conservative restoration reawakens that light thrill breathed in the early twentieth century. It is enough to walk the short path of wide steps framed by the typical and rough green of the area, to leave the present behind and find a contemporaneity full of attractions. Here, the new 2022 collection, together with the classics, also introduces outdoor elements for the first time.

      Here we are at the entrance door, protected by a liberty roof in glass and iron, at the entrance, painted wallpaper with exotic motifs. The wide brushstrokes, which we can read as a reference to nature, amplify the environment and make it vibrate with pure energy; in the center, as a butler ready to welcome us, the Fany coffee table, two Nuvola lamps in a fiberglass that have the exotic appearance of the horn, descend undulating from the ceiling, and accentuate the movement of the room. The dominant colors are Avio declined in different shades and caramel, to wrap us in an embrace. On the right a study, on the left a living room with a fireplace; there are the objects and accessories that we already love: on one side the Joni desk and bookcase, on the other the Barret armchairs and a Lazybones Lounge in soft sheepskin, and then the Tebe and Liquid coffee tables. Everything is familiar, we move at ease in the living room and from there we move on to the dining room. On the floor there was a Himani carpet, unique in its hand-made weaves, as unique are the travertine marble top of the Thalatha coffee table or the alpacca finishes of the three Allure coffee tables. The chromatic scale, with its shades of blue, invites us to the dehors area that refracts the green and crystalline of the outside from the windows and inebriates us with the scent of peonies and wisteria. The heart, lightened by so much harmony, allows itself one more look and then pushes us towards the soft ellipsis of the stairs; a double ramp that ends scenically on an open corridor, in perspective, on that panorama that the mind could already guess.

      In this part of the house, dedicated to conviviality and rest, there are two bedrooms, a dining room, and a reading room. To amaze us, with its monumental size, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, the Nairobi table in black ash; a zen lightness, on the other hand, is that of the Stone bed by Federico Peri, revisited with new modules in a shade of blue that recalls the color of the sky. The terrace, with a setting up that induces you to enjoy the landscape and, at the same time, to entertain yourself in the pleasure of a cocktail in company, summarizes its spirit. We sit on the Narciso sofas, designed by Studiopepe and available in armchairs and dormeuses. The senses, lit by smell, touch and sight, are as if broaden. Baxter talks about itself by stimulating us with materials to touch, smooth, velvety, rough, and shining surfaces, with a study on form that is never an obstacle, not even when one takes the pleasure of being an aesthetic whim, with an idea of ​​beauty that is pure, but not self-congratulatory. It is a guide that shows us the possibilities to live as we would not have thought. There is also a third accent in the 2022 palette, the Raisin color, which harmonises now with the earthy notes of a chocolate brown, now with the sky ones, acts as a link between the furniture and its development in the future.

      The outdoor is the innovation of the great classics and if we decide to detach ourselves from this oasis, mirroring ourselves on the glazed and irregular surface of the solid Keramikè ceramic tables that emerge as small atolls, it is only to continue the exploration of the vertical garden towards the dependance, to be used as a special work area - immersed in its silence, thoughts flow free - and the relaxation area, which with its cacti, immobile totems and references to the outside, and its large windows returns an exciting cinema effect. Again, that synergistic game between stillness and movement, that gentle balance between a space designed for thinking and an open space, in which to relax, the swimming pool. All around, the Himba collections by Roberto Lazzeroni in ecru and ivory shades, and Dharma in light blue: beds, sofas and armchairs characterized by a generous formal dynamism, completed by soft cushions in fabric and leather.

      It is from this highest point that our view widens: in front of our eyes there is no postcard, an imaginary place: Baxter Lago is real. To our curiosity remains the task of letting ourselves be seduced by its total experience, an ongoing narrative of the beauty of Made in Italy.


      Ph. Gianluca Vassallo e Francesco Mannironi

      Exotic drawings by Marianne Hendriks



      Via Torno, 68 Como (Italy)

      By appointment only info@baxter.it