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      • YEAR: 2016



      In the prestigious location of MUDEC in Milan, the first museum dedicated to languages and cultures multiplicity, Baxter shows the restyling of “Ristorante Enrico Bartolini”, which proposes real gourmet works of art.

      After the first meeting with the star-rated chef in 2013, the mutual feeling and the common values and guidelines have continuously grown, and the new look Baxter is proposing for this restaurant hence becomes a natural consequence of this meeting.

      The space, intimate and snug, expresses the elegance and the refinement of a home luxury, no way flashy, enhanced by warm colours contrasted by macro-graphics. The textures characterising the hand-painted wallpaper, hence, reflects on the floor, decorated through the graphic of a rug which is designed directly on wood.

      The entrance houses some comfortable chairs/armchairs next to a small desk, where lines and volumes draw inspiration from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Top manufacturing craftsmanship, designed with a soft and flowing touch, here merge with the precious marble of the small tables. Unique pieces, coming from selected caves all over the world, treated with special finishes that give the matter elegance and sophistication.

      By entering the restaurant, the setting you find is surrounded by a very elegant atmosphere, where colour shades become darker. Rust, dark brown, moss green and wood green: these are the nuances characterising both soft and stiffer leathers. These nuances well amalgamate with the “Unique” collection; furniture selected according to an intuition and carried out thanks to the collaboration with few specialist experts of restoration techniques, then decorated and silk-screen printed according to the artist’s creativity.

      Two glass windows inside the room form two small greenhouses. Here the green stands out and is composed of a series of plants which turn into sculptures. The set is completed by some paintings hung on the walls, coming from a Belgian important art gallery.

      The final result is a place where every single element gets in tune with the other ones, creating a space where to relax, enjoying the hospitality of a magical place.


      Food and design: two different realities, still similar at the same time, that merge thanks to their common endless passion for what is beautiful and studied in all details, in order to convey emotions in every creation.

      Both have a very strong personal identity, with the common aim of researching and preserving those handicraft excellences bound to territory tradition, rediscovering and reappraising some almost forgotten masteries and weaving them skilfully with a continuous research.