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      • YEAR: 2023

      Looking out over a sea that is impossible to describe in words.

      Immense, sometimes impetuous, and yet so intimate and capable of bringing together different lands. We glimpse its light blue among the leafy branches of a centuries-old olive tree, wide and welcoming like the cradle of distant civilisations.

      The landing place for a beach the colour of gold. The dazzling light reflected by this thin mirror of sand forces us to close our eyes, and in an instant our sense of smell prevails over sight: thyme, rosemary, laurel, myrtle, juniper. Immersing ourselves in delicate, wild aromas, each one opening a chapter of a book of mythology and prompting us to imagine stories of deities, beautiful nymphs and heroes who crossed these waters driven by a desire for adventure and discovery. 

      And there’s more, a promontory on the rugged coastline: from above, you can see a market with its labyrinth teeming with stalls, chaotic and fascinating. There is no rest for our eyes which, enraptured, witness the marriage of colourful fabrics and spices, our ears reached by the confused sounds of an unknown language.

      And finally, a white cliff perched above the sea, the taste of citrus fruits and the cicadas in the background. With their constant chirping, they accompany the murmur of the waves like a nursery rhyme always repeating itself, a sweet lullaby that helps us forget ourselves.

      Here, in the presence of this sea, in the hottest hours of the afternoon, doing nothing is the noblest of tasks.

      Standing still, staying silent, to enjoy the best journey.


      Discover a little spoiler of Paola Navone's new outdoor collection at Silvera Saint-Germain, 209, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris


      Renders by Massimo Colonna