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Baxter will remove timely the material on the Website that will turn out to belong to other third-parties, different from the mentioned authors or suppliers of the material/section (and such subjects can legitimately claim rights or interests on the material or on its contents), or in case the material or its contents should  damage the interests or the rights protected by law or should represent a breach of the law.
Any requests, notification or complaint has to be sent to:

Baxter s.r.l., Via Costone 8, 22040 Lurago d’Erba (Co)

Tel: + 39 031 35999

Email: info@baxter.it


Baxter will have the right to end or interrupt the User’s access to the whole Lamp or to some of its parts, at any time, in its sole discretion.


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In case some doubts regarding the meaning or the interpretation of these conditions should arise, the Italian-version text will prevail.


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For any dispute deriving from or related to these terms and conditions, the jurisdiction of the Como courts exclusively will be the competent one, without prejudice to the implementation of mandatory rules in the “consumer’s” favour.