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      • YEAR: 2023

      To mark World Photography Day, Baxter is excited to present its new ADV campaign, a true celebration of furnishing as an art form. This extraordinary series of photos by Andrea Ferrari captures the essence of the brand’s most iconic products and spaces, including the Budapest Soft sofa, Chester Moon, Milano, Tactile, Miami Soft, the Sorrento armchair, and the new Jo sofa. 

      Photography is a powerful means of embracing the personality of each individual object and lending it unique meaning and our new ADV campaign is the perfect combination of a photographer’s talent and the uniqueness of our furnishings. Each photo is an amazing journey through different styles, materials, and colours, plumbing the depths of the carefully curated details of our exclusive pieces in an invitation to explore new design possibilities.


      In photography speak, “time” is important but what really counts is its evocative quality. A photo that captures this kind of quality resonates in a completely different way because it does not simply talk about something. Its surface speaks to the eye, not describing the object but creating an infinite universe of sensations and references and according to this vision, images should always hold an “evocative time” rather than a historic time. Over recent years, Baxter has entrusted me with their advertising campaign: year after year, photo after photo, we have, finally, oriented the use of photography towards this different time, where observing becomes knowing through intuition and images retain that endless universe of references”

      Andrea Ferrari


      Check out all the photos in the new ADV campaign and enter a Baxter world of design and inspiration.


      Happy World Photography Day!