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      • YEAR: 2015

      25 candles to blow, a birthday to celebrate and a location to admire: the art gallery M Building, in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Art District. A candle for every year that has gone by, and an iconic product for every candle: through 25 items, we get the chance to discover and experience the evolution of shapes, colors and materials.

      Three wide rooms welcome this historic and stylistic itinerary, where leather plays the main role. Baxter’s great classics are displayed in the first room: protagonists of their first productive period, they are characterized by the typical English mood and by an elegance analyzed with the same attention that has contributed in distinguishing the brand quality and its reliability.
      The second room shows some items of remembrance, reinterpreted and reviewed, like chromatic and stylistic experiments born from the constant attention that Baxter has always paid towards research.

      The itinerary ends on the second floor of the gallery, where people can admire the most recent products and the latest news. Here, the undisputed main star is the Chester Moon Sofa, product symbol of Baxter, able to sum up with its simplicity the importance of the balance among different shapes.
      Three rooms for a true museum exhibition, where each item finds strength in itself and not only in the overall totality. The experience is supported by video-projections on the walls, that walk the visitors through their journey.

      Baxter next step? To approach the future with the same enthusiasm that has been leading us over the last 25 years!