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      • YEAR: 2018

      There is a stereotype of craftsmanship that is summarized in the image of the rough hand of a master at work in his workshop, dim light and a lot of dust. This stylistic feature brings with it a misunderstanding: this is not what "handmade" means, not today at least. Experience is not exactly synonymous with seniority and the idea of "craft" strongly belongs to the new generations. Young people, more and more often, after their studies return with a cultural vision and technological skills to the know how to do, whether it's a workbench, a frame, a machine ... The experience of the guys working at Baxter is a guarantee and their know-how is indisputable. Many are also in the carpentry and upholstery department, where the required manual skills are almost surgical and talent is a must.

      It takes time to become young (Pablo Picasso)

      Another misunderstanding: today there is no room for dust in craftsmanship, the new is welcome if it serves to raise the quality levels. In fact, the craft's mission is not to exclude from production any machinery, in a sort of mechanophobic heritage from the post Industrial Revolution. On the contrary, today hand-made is asked to welcome techniques and technologies, solutions and innovations aimed at the production of Beauty. Nothing counts more than the good workmanship and the aesthetic result, and to be reactionary in front of this reality would be just a useless exercise.

      Entering the production department of leather at Baxter you can see a multitude of hands at work, from quality control to the selection of colors, to create homogeneous games that will belong to the same design object. Only one machine dominates the large open space. The leather is spread over it, positioned so as to make the most of its size and characteristics. From above, a beam of light projects the design you want to carve. The mechanical arm is powered with a knife - and not a laser, that would burn the precious leather - for a cut that really has nothing to envy to the handmade. one Here, this machine is also part of the portrait of the new craft, because its goal is the excellence of the result.

      Proficiency in a craft is essential to every artist. Therein lies the prime source of creative imagination (Walter Gropius)