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      • YEAR: 2023

      July, sailing on a boat, you can admire the beauty of the lake and the surrounding landscape. Walking along the path along the shores of Lake Como, we immerse ourselves in the enchantment of this painting represented by one of the most beautiful lake in Italy and the green hills.

      Next to the shores of the lake there are villas, which live the frenetic daily rhythm of the people. Luckily, among them is the magnificent Baxter House on the shores of the lake, ready to welcome us in moments of tranquillity.

      Experience a full day at Baxter's La Casa sul Lago through the eyes of Meng Mao…


      To rediscover the wonders of life, we can begin to appreciate those little moments that we often overlook. The water that remains in the glass, the curtains that let the sun filter in, the fresh scent of the sheets, the book left open... Enveloped by the objects you love in everyday life, every instant is transformed into an embrace of serenity and comfort, the house home is for me a safe environment that welcomes me with serenity, offering me energy.


      I've written a list of pleasant activities to do at home on quiet summer afternoons, such as watering the green plants in the rooms, lighting candles to fill the air with perfume, or lounging on the sofa to soak up the sun. Wasted time? Absolutely not. It is precisely in these small and useless activities that the ideal life is enriched with infinite pleasures and dreams.


      We often feel as if the world is vast and full of challenges. In the busy life, it is easy to gradually lose our vision and passion. Home is the place where we can slow down, close our eyes and immerse ourselves in tranquility between breaths. The countless worries dissolve like fragments, allowing us to realign our inner selves, and start again.


      Summer gives us so many wonderful memories, but nothing is more precious than the moments spent with the closest people. Invite friends to your home to share good food and wine, listening to their latest adventures. Thanks to companionship, we dissolve loneliness and feel warmth and happiness, thus building a deep understanding of the true meaning of happiness.