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      • YEAR: 2021

      Baxter's 2021 collection, designed by Christophe Delcourt, is the protagonist of the entire installation at Spotti Milano. The CLARA sofa, broken down into its different elements, creates a space in which you can move between the rooms in a fluid way without the constraint of classic sofa compositions.

      The new collection takes inspiration from the world of art, fashion, design and architecture. This is born as a mix of influences coming from different concepts, all nevertheless with the same enterprising use of colour and a less formal idea of spaces. Design becomes the opportunity to surround ourselves with combinations of special objects, all consistent with each other.

      Home appears as a place where to stage furniture pieces belonging to different styles and ages, as if they

      came from a collection built up over time. Sofas, armchairs, miscellaneous items, rugs take shape in a sort of disassembled concept, which aims to make each space more convivial.

      As always, the common denominator is the thought lying behind all Baxter’s philosophy, that is the search for excellence in its forms and materials.

      The most innovative project is signed by Christophe Delcourt, through the development of organic forms that fit together. CLARA is a modular sofa made up of numerous elements that combine to create every time seating compositions made of interlocking voids and solids as well as concave and convex curves; the main feature is that of a “broken up” living room.

      The Delcourt collection is completed by strongly sculptural elements such as FANY, with an artistic glass top and legs in Roman Travertine and leather - KEREN armchair and pouf - BEKI, poufs recalling the shape of stones.

      Large colored carpets define the rooms. The tribal graphics that form the background of the table ELLIPSE, stone table with asymmetrical top with an organic shape that gives it great lightness despite its size, with leather-covered base, designed by Federico Peri, echoes the colors of the furnishings, enhancing the scenographic effect of the entire composition.


      Spotti Milano

      Viale Piave, 27, Milano