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      • YEAR: 2020

      Studiopepe's Manifesto Projects are always an opportunity for the studio to ask some questions, in this particular year even more necessary but completely different.

      The changes that have involved socializing and the use of collective spaces have prompted the designers of Studiopepe to focus on a concept relating to a more mental dimension: DESIDERIO, desire in English, from the Latin "de" and "sidus", literally "lack of stars".

      In its new exhibition project, Studiopepe investigates formal research and materials, the analysis of signs and language, all within an imagined constellation, a constellation formed by all the product design projects they have created during 2020, including the new Baxter collection.

      The space is no longer a physical place that contains the projects but an imaginary architecture created to relate the different designs, told through a video that uses the poetic and synaesthetic language typical of art, creating references, connections, dialogues and analogies.

      Because De-siderio is what moves our soul and keeps us curious, in the passionate and very human search for union and beauty.

      The new collection designed by Studiopepe for Baxter is made up of coffee tables, armchairs, bookcases and lamps in which marble, metals, leather, concrete and neon are mixed to create “material” elements inspired by the main Milanese architecture.

      The video shows: Verre Particulier coffee table, Lazybones armchair, Nanda wall lamp and Azzal bookcase.




      Art Direction: Studiopepe / Arianna Lelli Mami & Chiara Di Pinto

      Video Direction: Variante Artistica / Mattia Caprara, Flavio Pescatori

      Spoken words: Acelya Yonac

      3D Art: Terzo Piano