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      • YEAR: 2019

      On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019, Baxter presents the new items designed by Studiopepe for their exhibition project that examines the strong bond of matter with symbols’ archetypal power, in a new original location full of charm.

      Studiopepe’s Manifesto Project takes place in a large industrial space, where in the 1900s people used to manufacture the key-element of alchemists: gold.

      The Arcanists were ante litteram chemists, who held the arcane and secret knowledge of formulas able to create porcelain and who worked skilfully materials such as glass and metals.

      The path develops through design and bespoke pieces, re-editions of historical pieces, art multiples and installation rooms where the connection among matter, archetypes and the power of symbols is examined in depth.

      Over the centuries, from Renaissance courts to Jungian psychoanalysis, divination practices have become increasingly complex rituals. The interpretation of Enigmas is a tool for personal growth, through the study of the archetypes that the cards represent.

      The experience of Les Arcanistes results in a sequence of spaces: The Spring of Vibrational Water, the Materials Library, the Alchemic Laboratory and the Mantica Society.

      Baxter new collection designed by Studiopepe is composed of tables, chairs and lamps, where marbles, metals, leather, concrete and neon are mixed to create “totemic” elements inspired by modern architecture. The items are displayed in this order: Say Yes hanging lamp, Piaf sofa, Verre Particulier small table, Lazybones chair, Jupiter table, Zefir chair.