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      • YEAR: 2017

      October 12th 2017.

      That is the date chosen for the grand opening of the new Baxter Store in Amsterdam, which lies inside an old building situated in the heart of the city. The project was born with the aim of reviving what was a prestigious fashion house in the ’40s.  Today, this same building hosts the first designer outlet shop ever opened within the old town centre of the city, next to the street where the greatest fashion names stand out. The original spaces have thus been restored but preserved at the same time, conserving the features of the typical Dutch building with narrow lot plan. The building covers three different floors. The ground floor now includes the store’s windows, where Baxter furniture becomes undisputed main character. Here, walls show macro- graphic arts by intense colours, perfectly matched with the materials and leathers chosen for the padded items. Turquoise, dove egg blue and cognac are the main colours, while the Chester Moon sofa, pre-eminently symbol of Baxter world, becomes the room’s main character. Going up a small flight of stairs, you find an intimate and cosy room right in front of you, dedicated to the sleeping area, where a boiserie dominates the scene, giving a very warm atmosphere to the whole room. Other stairs connect the ground floor with the underground heart of the building, which has been divided into two rooms: a dining area and a living one. The colours here become lighter in order to give brightness to the room: greige and mossy green are accompanied with graphic effects on the walls. All this gave birth to a contemporary space which reflects Baxter world.  A real flagship store that reflects the company’s guidelines and style in any single detail, from walls decorations to materials’ choice. A great job, concrete expression of our beliefs, that results into the research of something personal in any project, fitting-out or installation, where the item is an evergreen, but the context it is put in is an ever changing and forever in time,  always fashionable, a modern classic.