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      • YEAR: 2019

      May 30th, 2019. The new Baxter store in Rome was inaugurated, with its location in Via Monterone 2A, inside a historical building of the 16th century.

      Entering the space, you find vaulted ceiling, rooms following one another, as well as unexpected architectural vision lines; this project looks more like an atelier rather than a furniture shop.

      The items of Baxter collection displayed here allow to highlight the company’s own style, within an evocative setting which connects contemporary elements, such as the big neon installation of the hallway, to old-fashioned atmospheres.

      The real main characters of the spaces are Baxter’s most recent iconic items, such as the Chester Moon, Tactile and Viktor sofas for the living area and the Lagos table for the dining one. These pieces give a peculiar atmosphere, where every single element gets perfect tune with the other one, creating an active, fresh and dynamic store, aiming to be something more than a place where to buy a product.

      Here all leathers’ nuances are enhanced and emphasised through combinations with materials such as the unfired earth used by Matteo Brioni, chosen to cover the showroom’s walls. More specifically, it deals with TerraWabi, the new finish system for indoor that distances itself from the idea of an absolute perfection, aiming instead to rediscover the beauty of an intuitive and instinctive creation, rich in originality. The colours used were chosen ad hoc and personalised in order to recall and enhance those nuances and textures characterising Baxter’s items.

      A perfect match given by the union between design and matter, where the final result is not enclosed within the single item, instead it takes shape in the overview defined by the stylistic and chromatic combinations, result of a creative, constant research aiming to anticipate trends.