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      • YEAR: 2022

      Located within the Stadthöfe district, one of the courts in the new area of ​​the city, redeveloped by the David Chipperfield studio, the new Baxter Gallery in Hamburg will be officially inaugurated on August 2022, 19th, in collaboration with Clic Inneneinrichtung.

      The exhibition space with a strong Modernist flavour and an evident reference to Peter Behrens is located inside a suggestive historic building from the late 19th century. An open space of 150 square meters where a series of balances and tensions of volumes takes over and transports the visitor towards a new order and a synthesis of decoration.

      It is in this context that Baxter has decided to present the new collections, without forgetting the best sellers that mark the history and identity of the company. The generous and modern Budapest leather sofa by Paola Navone and the new modular concept, deliberately disassembled, by Christophe Delcourt are embellished by the combination with the refinement of the accessories by Draga Obradovic and by the elegant details in the dining room by Federico Peri.

      A real Gallery, in which each piece defines and cuts the space that surrounds it, “dressed” like a tailor to make each set a unique piece.


      Baxter Gallery Amburgo

      Stadthausbrücke 4

      20355 Hamburg


      For more information contact info@hamburg.baxter.it or register here.



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