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      • YEAR: 2022


      One of the dates circled on the Baxter calendar is international take your dog to work day. And reminding us of the date with her playful presence is Moka, the little French bulldog who, over the last three and a half years, has become one of the family and worked her way into the heart of everyone, friends, clients and staff.

      Our mascot often comes in for a visit because she’s learnt that there’s always a friendly pat or a surprise for her in our offices but we have realised that her favourite place to be is the showroom. Here, between the sinuous legs of the Romeo and Pangea tables, big Chester Moon and Clara upholstered sofas, Miami and Piaf peninsular sofas and cosy armchairs Marylin, Leon and Barret, she plays hide-and-seek or, more often than not, takes a nap.

      Ears perked, she never misses a meeting however, almost as if she wants to weigh in. Since Baxter expanded to include the outdoor furnishings presented at La Casa sul Lago, which increased the range of products “to be tested”, Moka has realised that Himba chairs are the perfect viewpoint for the wonderful scenery overlooking the city of Como. If she wants to stay cool, she takes a stroll to the edge of the pool where she can chill on the leather cushions on the lacquered Dharma chairs.

      Data from a great many international surveys show that the presence of a dog in the office creates a cheerful atmosphere and improves the working day, by 43% and 31% respectively, as well as helping people to socialise, and further data tells us that more than 71% are in favour of having their pet with them in the office. Looking back over past years as well, celebrating international take your dog to work day is a way of saying thank you for their limitless affection and courage, and the way their mere presence lifts our mood.

      No doubt about it, the door is always open at Baxter for Moka and her friends. Besides, we owe her for having acted as our amazing spokesdog” on more than one occasion.