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      • YEAR: 2020

      In the heart of New York City, in the Soho district, the creative and artistic centre of the Big Apple, Baxter has found the “secret house” of its dreams, a perfect place that it has been looking for much time to host and enhance its lifestyle and live a unique experience.

      It is a loft with a distinctive New York character, a historic mansion that only a few people have the chance to discover when invited to cross the wonderful wings painted on the outer door, that give access to a totally unexpected and exclusive place.

      The WOM residence, location of Mcintosh group for some time, stages the history of sound and, as is now the home of Baxter furniture, music and style merge perfectly, creating a brilliant combination. It is a seductive space to offer the whole experience of the very sophisticated proposals of these two brands.

      The synergy arisen between Mcintosh and Baxter from the very beginning gave birth to an intuition now become reality, originating a place where design and designers, music and musicians, art and artists can find their own perfect place.

      That is how it has been possible to stage a magnificent story: one regarding the emotion that the Made in Italy Design is able to raise, with the melodic setting of WOM; another one related to the balance of the ingredients that, like in a perfect recipe, make the experience of observing an object, touching it and entering its atmosphere something unique. It is the story of furniture that, as an extension of our own skin, become hide, leather, turning into special clothes that talk about the sign of the times and shape future, with NYC providing the perfect setting.

      The manual work of the creation of the high-end audio of McIntosh goes hand in hand with the talented design team of Baxter and shows the commitment to provide the highest quality: a dedication that has united these brands, apparently distant but also extremely close.