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      • YEAR: 2018

      Suggestive atmosphere, interpretation of taste, an experience. This means entering the Baxter Instagram profile. @baxtermadeinitaly has a homogeneous feed of images that tell the past and outline the future: every photograph and every product is a work of art in itself.

      The world of Instagram is for Baxter a portal of ideas, inspirations, cultural exchanges, artistic expression.



      And these are 5 profiles that according to Baxter every professional or passionate about the design industry would like to follow.


      1.    Ettore Sottsass

      The young American collector Raquel Cayre would never have believed in achieving such a success when she created @ettoresottsass's Instagram account. Italian architect and designer, founder of the Memphis movement, Sottsass now has almost 100,000 followers. She began by publishing photographs taken from historical books that went out of print, and then from blogs and catchy Pinterest accounts. Afterwards she found her true inclination and decided to celebrate the Artist in "reality": she gave life to Raquel's Dream House, a temporary space that finds room in a historical building divided on four floors, in Greene Street, in the United States. Here, the intrepid collector shapes her artistic vision, grouping a selection of sixty works inspired by the Memphis movement. "I thought it would become my own little personal inspiration, I did not think it would have achieved this type of traction"  the collector confessed.



      2. Accidentally Wes Anderson

      A (very rich) collection of places and buildings that recall the style of the American director Wes Anderson. The profile, that has become famous internationally in a very short time, is constantly enriched by posts of travelers who, around the world, review the symmetries, pastel colors and aesthetics sought by the American director through their eyes and their shots. Real landscapes, buildings and interiors that seem to come straight out of a scene from The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums, Grand Budapest Hotel or Moonrise Kingdom. In one word: wonderful.



      3. Alice Rawsthorn

      Alice Rawsthorn is not just an art critic, she is a real authority in the art world. First signing of the New York Times on the theme of design. From January 1, 2015, the day on which Rawsthorn started posting on her account, the social network was enriched with images and long explanatory captions that unequivocally describe feminism, painting, cinema and design. This IG profile (@ alice.rawsthorn) is a portal open to all, where a debate is always available to deepen the most different topics concerning art. The goal of Rawsthorn is to always measure herself with her own versatility and feel free.



      4. Decor Hardcore

      A 170 thousand followers profile celebrating kitch. That's right, @decorhardcore is an inexhaustible source of bad inspiration for millions of users, that has become a creative agency in Berlin boasting a collaboration with Gucci. "Ugly", "Tacky", "Terrible": the kitch has found its place in the world. Instagram.



      5. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

      Design, but also art and culture. This is the focus of the Instagram account of the very famous Dutch museum of modern and contemporary art (a must visit, as it boasts one of the most significant collections in the world, of about 90,000 objects made from 1870 to today). Instagram is a place where users can discover and experience visual art and design. Here you will find unique insights into the contemporary world that lead to reflection on broader social issues and those that influence individuality and personality.