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      • YEAR: 2023

      Passing over the threshold of an early 20th-century villa and feeling immersed in the elegant and daring 1970s aesthetic. To host this year’s collection, La Casa sul Lago has been restyled but has not lost its soul.

      Crossing the driveway and the entry door, a cream-coloured floor and the hand-painted wallpapers with geometric motifs make up a modern setting, the perfect solution to enhance the material contrasts and lively colours chosen for this year's leathers and finishes.

      The ground floor boasts the shades of electric blue and cognac, juxtaposed with black. Precisely blue and cognac oblique stripes decorate the wall behind the slender, flexuous body of Federico Peri's Wave lamp in the entryway.

      On the right, there’s a small living room, framed by blue and cognac on the walls and ceiling: the Milano sofa is an authentic protagonist, while the Greta Special Edition Printed armchair and the Adel poufs provide additional seating; the Nuvola lamps look like a breathtaking installation. On the left of the entryway there’s the study, embellished by the presence of an ancient fireplace: a simple rectangular pattern on the back wall creates a frame around the window, while on the two sides of the room the Parsec desk and the Etienne Bergère armchair seem to admire each other.

      After crossing the studio you end up in the bright living area, a wide open space functionally divided in two by the Libelle bookcase: in the living room, the Jo sofa by Draga&Aurel is an invitation to conversation, tracing a curve in space that resembles an embrace; opposite, the Pilar and Allure small tables and, on the side, the welcoming Elli armchair by Christophe Delcourt. The dining room is dominated by the Kate table by Delcourt - in the precious Grand Antique d’Aubert marble finish – paired with the Jodie chairs; all around the room perimeter, you can see the hypnotic geometric patterns on the wallpaper, an authentic red thread of the whole project.

      French windows overlook the patio, that hosts two Nairobi tables and the Himba Lounge little armchairs, in the new black Iroko finish. From here we can catch a glimpse of the lush vegetation that surrounds the villa, which can only be fully admired from the upper floor.

      Climbing the flight of stairs, attracted by the light, we end up in a hallway on the first floor with an incredible view, an authentic telescope on the lake. On the right, our gaze is caught by the large blue, black and orange geometries that embellish the wardrobe. This area of the house is divided into two airy rooms: on the left there is a bedroom, with the new Clara bed, and a study, with the new Joni desk, both by C. Delcourt. On the right, there is a suite dedicated to the Paola Navone’s Miami Soft project: the new bed and, beyond a brass-finished portal, the new composition of the sofa.

      From here we access the terrace: the space is divided into the dining and two other areas designed for relaxation, where one can read, unwind with friends, share experiences. Here we find many of the elements we already love, in new finishes - the Dharma table and Linfa chairs in black iroko along with Roberto Lazzeroni's Himba sofa, from which one can enjoy the landscape and watch the seaplanes ride. Further on, in a small green corner, one can wait for summer among the soft cushions of the Narciso armchair.

      A short flight of steps leads us to the annexe, wrapped in shades of chocolate, powder pink and deep lagoon green. This year, the annexe is a brilliant open space hosting on one side the modular Juliette sofa by Christophe Delcourt and on the other the new Isamu table with the Clotilde chairs, by Roberto Lazzeroni. The beautiful view is always there, the outline of Como Cathedral can be seen in the distance.

      Continuing our exploration of the vertical garden, beyond the scented herb garden, we catch a glimpse of the greenhouse. Here, the hand-painted wallpaper echoes the irregular profiles of 1970s tiles; further on, the aquamarine Chester Moon is an icon to dive into.

      Finally, there is the swimming pool, the most scenic spot in the villa, which this year hosts the new modular version of the Narciso sofa by Studiopepe. We can find it in a three-seater version under an olive tree, in the area dedicated to relaxation – the perfect, welcoming spot to chill out during the afternoon; a little further away, two Himba beach loungers, where one can fully enjoy the warmth of the sun. In the highest area, facing the deck, the Judd table is ready to become the centre of conversations that can then be continued on another comfortable Narciso – the modular sofa, upholstered in Tressage Vert fabric, decorates the space between the prickly pear and the lemon grove: a celebration of happy times.


      Photocredits: Andrea Ferrari



      Via Torno, 68 Como

      Only by appointment