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      • YEAR: 2019



      Friday 29th November 2019. Here is the date chosen for the opening of the new Forum Groningen, a place that includes exhibition galleries, museums, libraries, cinemas. A place where the boundaries among these institutions are eliminated.

      Baxter takes part in its realisation by dealing with one of the cinemas included within it. Not the classic cinema, instead a special place, intimate and cosy. The main intent was to give primary importance to the comfort of the seats and to offer a total experience. For this reason, for viewing, spectators can sit down on Charlotte armchairs, characterized by wide armrests and a reclined back for a relaxing seat. This armchair, certainly reassuring in its finishes and characterized by attention to every detail, can be appreciated for the craftsmanship of the leather. Each armchair is accompanied by a small table and a table lamp that complete the set-up by creating a small personal sitting room.

      An atmosphere that is difficult to tell and that only needs to be lived.