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      • YEAR: 2023

      Each of us has a place that does not need much light to be recognised and found. The light, gentle glow of a candle is enough to differentiate it from a thousand other places in the world. It is made up of voices we have always heard, calm colours that allow our eyes to rest, intimate, cosy atmospheres capable of transmitting warmth. We could describe this place even with our eyes closed, draw its geography with precision, because it is the corner we feel most ours, the one we call home.

      The fragrance

      Thyme, laurel and rosemary are the top notes immediately perceived for our first impression. Then white flowers, black olives and almonds: the heart notes come in shortly afterwards and surprise us. And finally the base notes: dry earth, Peruvian balsam and mushroom powder, rounding off this concert of fragrances that a single candle can give us. This opens up the memory of the scent of leather, much more than just a material: our passion. The leather of that Baxter armchair in which you love to abandon yourself, at the end of the day, in a soft, comfortable embrace that embodies the idea of home.

      The Murano glass

      The thousand-year tradition of Murano glass, through the ability of the glass masters expertise in the furnace, shares the culture of artistic mouth-blown glass throughout the world. Each Murano glass piece is made with extreme care and attention: from nuances to reflections all the way to the form studies. Each production phase is carefully evaluated, every detail receives the respect it deserves.
      Since 1859, Salviati has been researching new vernaculars languages of Murano glass interpreting and modernizing its inexhaustible magic, in a continual flow of liquid and solid matter.


      These items are available in a limited edition and can only be purchased at retailers participating in the Winter at Baxter Home project.