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      “…and with my clothes still soaked with iron I was running away from Palermo to study dance…”
      Born in Bagheria, at eight years old he begins to learn the smith’s profession in his brother’s workshop and, at the same time, he becomes very keen on dance, attending a dance school in Palermo. In 2003, in Milano, he opens a workshop and begins a new artistic phase that tries in a certain sense to join the two previous experiences, seeking the typical ethereal lightness of dance in the iron’s working. His creations originate just with the unusual use of what in Italian is called “filo cotto”, that is a particular typology of iron, more mouldable, that resembles each time wood or plastic and that allows to carry out soft lines, space animations, “dancing” shadows. Sciortino recovers that extremely rich heritage of knowledge and craft skills, where Italian inspiration and creativeness were at their best.