CLEANSER 250 ml (Box-R  ·  Box-V)

A water based cleaning for leather (not Nabuck).


Pre-test: to pre-test take a soft white cloth and dampen with plain water. Lightly rub the leather on a hidden area to see if color is removed to the cloth. If there is no color transfer from water, apply Cleanser on a hidden area, after shaking the bottle. If leather darkens after drying or you experience discoloring or you are not satisfied with the result, discontinue use.


Directions: clean the leather with a cloth or a soft-tipped brush. Shake the bottle well. Spry the Cleanser on a cloth and gently wipe with circular movements to achieve the cleaning effect. After cleaning, dry leather using a soft cloth. Do not rub aggressively! Use the Conditioner (Box-R) or the Polish (Box-V) after cleaning. The use of Cleanser is recommended when required or 6-12 times a year at frequent use.


Attention: keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. Do not swallow. Wash hands after use.