For the IMM Cologne Fair 2015, Baxter presents its latest collections in a warm, elegant and domestic mood, mixing them with an exclusive limited edition of Unique furniture.

Authentic furniture, result of a research on the territory, carried out in the period of the ‘30s and 60’s and selected according to an intuition. Carried out thanks to the collaboration with few and rare connoisseurs of the techniques concerning restoration and buffed polishing with shellac, technique that is in disuse by now because of the care and the time that it requires. This technique has been replaced by French-polishing procedures that remove, instead of giving brightness to wood or to the various essences for the veneering. Shutters and drawers are decorated with the cult patterns of those years, riding the boundary between fashion, architecture and design and receiving the geometry lessons of the period, both in decoration and in shapes. These products are screen-printed ad decorated by hand with graphics and resins that follow the artist’s inspiration and carried out as they were pictures. For this reason, each piece is unique and different.

The thread running through this collection, result of the proneness to research that has always been and still is an important strength point in Baxter worlds, is a careful analysis of the ‘50s, year that gave us the best representation of the Italian style, characterised by a creative wave that links together the elegance of the lines to the functional requirements. Colour nuances such as ruby-red, sage-green and saffron yellow become the predominant nuances, emphasized and enhanced by combinations with materials like the brass of small tables and lamps and the hemp of wallpaper and carpets. It deals with different, intimate and cosy ambiences, that express the elegance and refinement of a home luxury, absolutely not gaudy, but enhanced by the use of new leathers that broaden and enrich Baxter’s collection. A union characterized by sensitivity , colours, matter and design. Here is how the ambiences, through a strongly evocative connotation of the ‘50s, give their guests a sort of union between past and present. Outline of the past that merge in a contemporary and modern ambience, creating in this way an eclectic atmosphere, characterized by matt, soft and cosy tones. A house, where the employed  materials and the pieces that populate it seem to come from different parts of the world, like only a art collector is able to do, enhancing the authenticity and the true value of raw materials.