The UNI EN ISO 14001 identifies the standard that establishes requirements of an environmental management system (EMS) to any organization.

Certified according to ISO 14001 is not mandatory, but it is the voluntary choice of the company that decides to establish / implement / maintain active / improve an environmental management system.

Baxter has obtained its first certification on 15.12.2005.

Purpose: demonstrate that the certified organization has a management system appropriate to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities and seeks systematically improved in a consistent, effective and above all sustainable.

Application, an environmental management system (EMS) allows you to:

  • have a structured approach in setting environmental objectives and identifying the means to achieve them;
  • identify environmental risks and opportunities for improvement, compliance with all regulatory requirements relevant to the environment, costs related to energy consumption, waste management and raw materials, a process of continuous improvement in environmental performance;
  • increase the value of their business in today’s market and future, from a serious analysis of its environmental problems, be they legislative,technical or managerial.

Main elements:

  • environmental policy, Planning and Procedures Manual means;
  • operation, controls and corrective actions using modules.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) of Baxter Ltd. is based on the fundamental commitment of the Executive Board to:

  • legislative compliance;
  • continuous improvement;
  • pollution prevention;
  • the involvement of all employees.