On the occasion of the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair, Baxter will stage the restyling of the ambiences of Sheraton Diana Majestic, historic building surrounded by the effervescent life of the city.

Here’s how reception, lounge and restaurant are thought as a real exclusive club, where each single element gets tuned with the other.

The green, declined in all its colour shades, and the warm brown of Baxter’s leathers are the main characters of these ambiences. Gentle and warm tones, that are enhanced and heightened by the use of materials such as the antiqued brass of the new Blade lamps collection and the resins of the Da-Da small tables. Slight notes of grey shades and inserts characterized by texture on a large scale complete the fitting-out.

An idea of cosy, sober and elegant living, where ambiences are intimate and measured, characterized by micro-lounges.

The main piece is the Godard sofa, characterized by essentiality of forms and reduction of volumes. And it’s just in this way that Godard fits easily even into smaller and more intimate spaces, embellished by the presence of unique pieces. Small tables thought and carried out as if they were a sartorial project, where each piece is worked, screen-printed and decorated by hand as if it was a picture.

The final results shows a cosy ambience, that expresses the elegance and the refinement of a domestic luxury, where people can talk, enjoying the welcome of a special place.