On the occasion of the Milan Salone del Mobile 2014, our Milan shop has a new look. As you enter the shop, you feel as if you are in the house of an art collector where every piece is the result of exacting stylistic research.


Bright splashes of colour, such as the blue walls highlighted by optical inserts with black and white geometric wall paper designs, mark out the different settings.


Ruby red, sage green and saffron yellow are the key colours when it comes to the spaces. These soft and welcoming tones are enhanced and showcased by the use of materials such as the brass and opaline glass of the unique lamps, faithful Stilnovo reproductions.


Unique pieces accompany the Baxter collection. These authentic items of furniture come with a certificate of origin; they were found during on-the-ground research and were made between the 1930s and 1960s. They were selected based on suggestion or intuition as to the potential the object would reveal once it had been transformed, thanks to a partnership with the rare few connoisseurs of restoration techniques and French polish finishing. This technique has now fallen into disuse due to the care and time required, and has been replaced by lacquers that detract from the wood instead of using veneer to add shine to the various different varieties.

Finally, the doors and drawers have been decorated with the cult patterns of that period, bridging the gap between fashion, architecture and design and accommodating the geometrical lessons of the time in both their decoration and forms. Optical colours, macro whites and blacks and pinstripes have been chosen with variations on both the theme and size, extra small or extra large.

These pieces have been silk-screened and decorated by hand with graphics and resins in accordance with the whims of the artist’s inspiration and are therefore like paintings: every piece is different and unique.


Once again, these settings express the elegance and sophistication of a luxury home and immediately instil a strong sense of belonging.