To celebrate the 25th Anniversary Baxter presents the Iconic collections that combine unique architecture, furniture and works of art and an exclusive collection created by celebrated designers Draga & Aurel. Leather nuances are emphasized and enhanced through combinations with neutral materials, where raw material becomes main character. The rough Inspiration source for the carrying out of references rich in colours and in natural materials is a recall to tribal art, which combines a mix between modern techniques and local materials typical of tradition. The latest collection also incorporates vintage one of a kind pieces that have been restored to a unique and classic style. The unique project was assigned to Draga Obradovic & Aurel K. Basedow. With Basedow’s art, due to the mirror effect and to the size of the works, you physically enter the work to be enveloped by thoughts that can no longer be regarded as only pertaining to art. The invitation to intimate reflection is a process that is as natural as it is unavoidable. Even when the ancient carpet is submerged and takes on other features and colours, becoming a picture within a picture, or when it wholly disappears to make way for other material forms, it remains a constant evocation. It is laid out like an invitation to the world of spirituality, to a primary form that would have you on your knees. There are different kinds of art forms through which you can bare your soul and tell you story. Aurel has chosen that which is most congenial to him, that of painting. As with biography the stories are true, uncompromising; there is no trickery, no cinematic invention. When a work is able to sculpt the soul, and not just glide across it, then we are speaking true art. It is, in the end, wonderful to surrender to its beauty, especially when you are floored, on the carpet, savoring the sweet taste of victory.