Hosting the 2016 Furniture Fair, Baxter Cinema in Milan changes look. With the new project, a revisitation comes, which is both functional and chromatic. The big indoor space is divided into smaller rooms by bookcases, thanks to which a cozier environment is created, while the niches in the walls are covered with wallpapers whose colors are inspired by the 70s. It is in the central area that all the new entries introduced at the fair, presented here in different color shades, can live well along the Unique collection, which is composed of unique pieces from the last years that are now reinterpreted and re-elaborated. As long as the setting is concerned, a research about the filmography of the 70s has been led. In some parts of the shop, in fact, some scenes from the movies of those years will be played, while in a specific projection room the work “On The Couch” made by architect and video-maker Davide Rapp exclusively for Baxter will be shown. In the window space looking on the road, the trailer of the first ever Baxter-signed short film made by OFFICINE IED + ANTEO in partnership with ELLE DECOR ITALIA will be played in preview . This is a perfect occasion for the inauguration of the new Baxter club bar. Just next to the  windows of Baxter Cinema, this location will soon become the perfect hangout where you can relax yourself while having a drink. It is in this environment that the rugs become the leaders and their graphics can be finded on the walls too, encompassing the whole room. The newest  bookcases designed by Pietro Russo will be presented as distinctive elements of the bar, next to a mixture of Baxter’s symbolic products in order to create a  living room where different styles can live together.