BAXTER @ 500×100 TALK



“From April 15th to 18th, 20 talks “Dialogues regarding the City” have been planned.

The events will take place in Milan, Pavilion nr. 22 stand B31/33/35 of the Fair in Milan Rho.

The City as instrument of dialogue: the city in the mirror, what is inside the city, the city I would like to have, how the urban project is made. On the occasion of the 2015 Furniture Fair, 500×100 promotes a talk with institutional and political figures, professional and entrepreneurial people, to have a debate about the city and its relationship with citizens.

The project is a second stage of the initiative proposed at the Fenice Theatre in Venice during the days of the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. From Dialogue (Dialogue as instrument of project/ Project as instrument of dialogue) to Talk, at the Furniture Fair a film set will be carried out, where the faces and the words of people interviewed will be the main characters. The initiative is promoted by some companies of Made in Italy and addresses also to non-experts and non-insiders, to explore together with them how much the use and the perception of city has changed over the last ten years, what are the protagonists that foster change, what are the visions and the responsibilities for the future.

It doesn’t deal with a new manifesto for city, but rather with a concerted story that involves youth, children, doctors, journalists, writers, teachers, actors and designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, to reach those who work directly with and for the city, for example firms, companies in the field, architects, engineers and town planers.