Related to the leathers: Hydro, Old England, Tuscany.


Clean the leather using a clean cloth or a soft brush. Shake the bottle well before use. To obtain a good clean, spray the Cleanser onto a cloth and clean with gentle, circular movements. Afterwards, dry with a soft cloth. Apply the Cleanser when required or 6-12 times a year on the most frequently used parts. Afterwards, protect the leather with Polish. Shake the bottle well, then spray a light layer of product uniformly over the whole clean and dry leather item, from a distance of roughly 30 cm. Spray horizontally first and then vertically. Leave it to dry. If necessary, polish the surface afterwards with a soft cloth. Do not rub hard. We recommend using the product 2 to 4 times a year. Where there are scratches or surface abrasions, apply the cream colorant Color Make Up onto a soft cloth and rub gently over the damaged area. Before the product dries, polish the relevant part with a dry cloth. Ensure the product is completely removed from areas that are not damaged or torn. Leave to dry after application for at least 1 hour. Then fix the color, protecting the leather with two applications of Polish.