Relative to the leathers:
Antique, Plume, Plume Cirè, Texture.


Clean the leather using a clean cloth or a soft brush. Shake the bottle well. To obtain a good clean, spray the Mild Cleanser onto a cloth and clean with gentle, circular movements. Leave to dry naturally. Do not rub hard. Apply the Mild Cleanser when required or 6-12 times a year on the most frequently used parts. Afterwards, protect the leather with the Mild Protector. Shake the bottle well, then spray a light layer of product uniformly over the whole clean and dry leather item, from a distance of roughly 30 cm. Spray horizontally first and then vertically. Leave to dry after application for at least 8 hours. Renew the protection with the Mild Protector at least twice a year. Where there are permeated or saturated stains caused by sebum, animal fats, oil and food, apply the Degreaser directly onto the fat or oil stain and leave for 6-8 hours. Once that timeframe has elapsed, vacuum the area using a vacuum cleaner and then gently brush to remove the dirt completely. Clean with the Mild Cleanser and leave to dry. For more stubborn stains, it may be necessary to repeat the process.