Wallpaper* has awarded the Memory bedside table, design Draga & Aurel ,the prestigious prize Wallpaper* Design Award 2015 for the “Best breakfast in bed” category. An important award, that makes the Memory bedside table an extremely fashionable item, despite its vintage soul.

The Memory bedside table is part of a reassessment project of some authentic furniture, result of an on-the-ground research, created between the 1930s and 1960s and selected according to an intuition. These products were carried out thanks to the partnership with rare and few connoisseurs of the techniques concerning buffed polishing with shellac, a technique which has by now fallen into disuse due to the care and time it requires, and which has been replaced by French-polishing procedures that remove, instead of giving brightness to wood or to the various essences for the veneering. These items have an ebony and walnut structure, with ebony and briarwood handles. The drawers’ front panels are decorated with the cult patterns of that period, bridging the gap between fashion, architecture and design and assimilating the geometry lessons of the period, both in decoration and in shapes. These pieces have been screen-printed and decorated by hand with graphics and resins in accordance with the artist’s inspiration and carried out as if they were paintings. Therefore, every piece is unique and different.

The Wallpaper* Design Award is the annual prize that the International magazine Wallpaper*, a point of reference for the fields of architecture, design, fashion, lifestyle and travelling since 1996, gives to people, places, products and projects that have distinguished themselves during the year and that are fated to set a trend all over the world.