After almost 10 years of presence at VIVRE as part of a bouquet of the most refined furniture brands on a multi-brand platform, it was important to give the Lebanese society the possibility to see, feel and live a more tangible experience that expresses the values of research and elegance of Baxter.

Iconic, new and vintage pieces are now shown in a distinguished set up at Baxter flagship store newly open in the heart of Beirut downtown, Al Arz st, Saifi

Connoisseurs, keen people, friends and passers-by are now welcome to explore 600sqm of delightful interior set-up fully dedicated to Baxter furniture and accessories, a dynamic and inspirational space that offers the ability to envision and select materials for prime handcrafted award-winning furniture.

Beirut is undoubtedly a vibrant and active city, a cultures crossing in which several ways of living meet. It is like a sponge that absorbs the different needs and values that populate it, making it eclectic.

Beirut is always ready to mutation and change but keeps at the same time its historical heritage of sensitivity that is rooted in its population, a population with an innate sense of elegance.