After having been through a successful collaboration, born during the 2013 Fair, Baxter and Fuksas consolidate their relationship even in Rome, with the new fitting out of Baxter Garage, in Via Gregorio VII.

Dolly and Molly dominate the main stairs with a riot of colour.


“Dolly” is an ideal seats for the home and for spaces of representative.

Formal, composed, elegant with slender feet, upholstered and leather-covered, “Dolly” was designed to create a “classic” furniture, but contemporary. Its shape mix the warmth of a wood structure with the tactile charm of leather and fur.


Big, rounded, curvy, comfortable and important, “Molly” welcomes guests as a long hug, holding him in the comfort of its shape. Ideal for reading, contemplating or, why not, to rest, “Molly” is not just a piece of furniture, but it’s like a sculpture, an ideal presence for large spaces, lounges and for ambient that need strong points of attraction.