Inside Marmomacc & Abitare il Tempo 


SPAZIO FORUM_ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITATM is a place for meetings, comparisons and exchanging ideas. The project, designed by architect Giorgio Canale, exploits temporary architecture to express the needs outlined by MARMOMACC and ABITARE IL TEMPO to communicate the level of experimentation, research and innovation achieved in recent years by these two international trade fairs, as well as to create a stage for hosting the busy calendar of appointments and events.


SPAZIO FORUM_ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITATM takes its name from SANTAMARGHERITA – The Original Italian Surface – specialised in the production of agglomerates based on marble and/or quartz. Thanks to the vital input of this Verona-based company, the idea took shape of giving a new look to the settings for cultural events at MARMOMACC and ABITARE IL TEMPO, transforming the traditional Convention Hall into a creative and futuristic example of exhibit design.

The heart of ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITA will bear the signature of Paolo Bestetti, CEO of Baxter. A marvellous contribution and illustrious interpretation of the project by architect Canale that will come to life in an informal seminar room, a lounge where body and mind can be regenerated.



Flexible, embracing and modular architecture. This is the idea underlying a project that is not only theatrical but is also capable of responding to multiple uses and precise, practical needs (such as fast set-up times and the possibility of being used again in other places and other configurations).

SPAZIO FORUM_ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITATM at MARMOMACC and ABITARE IL TEMPO will emerge as an ideal Arena stage setting destined to become the “arena-forum” for meetings and events dealing with topic of stone design, architecture and culture.