November 12th 2015. This is the date chosen for the grand opening of the new store Baxter Cinema, located along Largo Augusto, in Milan’s prestigious city centre.

The project was born with the aim of reviving what was once the cinema President. Very dear to the Milanese, it was one of the first who attached importance to seat comfort, offering a total experience, not just the screening of a film, becoming symbol of quality and elegance year by year. Today it turns into an active, fresh and dinamic store, that aspires to be something more than a place where to buy an item.

 The original spaces were restored but preserved at the same time, trying to keep the original raw structure, that is still visible in some of its parts.

The building is structured on two floors.The ground floor holds the windows of the new Baxter Shop, where Baxter furniture becomes the absolute main charachter.  Matter products of extraordinary quality, symbol of a certain “art de vivre”, carried out with rich materials and fine manufacturing. Next to these windows, a Baxter-branded club bar finds its place. Cozy and elegant, this place becomes the perfect meeting-place to relax and have a drink, in a space that must be lived freely, discovering the qualities of our country’s fine raw materials.

A big staircase connects the plain road to the underground heart of the building. Here beams of light filter through some cuts inside the structure itself, creating this way a fascinating and theatrical atmosphere.

And the real main charachter of the store is just this space, where the original screening area of the cinema was kept to welcome visitors. Actually the events that will take place during time will just originate here. Moving among the different areas that characterize the space, you can discover collaborations born with excellencies of different fields. Some corners were covered with a hand-painted wallpaper, carried out exclusively for Baxter, with irregular geometrical patterns and colour shades that range from green to purplish red. Then there is an area that was made into a small and refined bookshop, that proposes books dedicated to design; also there’s another area displaying different objects, carried out on purpose with our leather. Finally there’s also an area thought for the collaboration with Adeum Cinema Suite; this area presents a unique and innovative project, not yet know on the market. All this is controlled by a domotic system that handles all components and functions of the space.

A real store to be discovered, born with the aim of making consumers enter a world where to range from furniture to cinema or books, or just where to have a drink ; here all people have a common strong identity, communicated in each detail. Not just a simple products exhibition, but rather a store that becomes recognizable, cozy and familiar.